Desk time

In 2016, my average day looked like this: Standup (15-30 minutes, YES I KNOW) Requirements / story writing (1 hour) for next sprint of main project Discuss detailed design issues from current sprint (30 mins to 1 hour) for main project Visioning/discovery for next release (2 hours 3x week) for main project Meeting for secondary/tertiary/quaternary project (1 … Continue reading “Desk time”

Managed complexity and knowing your audience

A while ago I did a post about documenting the core of our design heuristics. Not long after, I wrote about learnability and common sense. Today we’re going to talk about managing complexity. For me, managing complexity comes down to four things: Providing the appropriate level of complexity for the user Disclosing elements and choices … Continue reading “Managed complexity and knowing your audience”