Black is the New Black: Navigating in black and white

If you search for the latest in web design trends in 2017, you’ll see a lot of pretty reasonable sounding articles all putting together roughly the same list: Animation is starting to be used correctly and tastefully Mobile-first design is becoming more of a norm Hero images still haven’t gone away and are getting “trendier” Single-page … Continue reading “Black is the New Black: Navigating in black and white”

2 projects, 2 elections, 2 soundtracks

Since I got my first music cassettes and my first walkman, I’ve become obsessed with specific albums and just listened to them over and over. Music became entangled with specific people, places, and events. Raking leaves in mom’s side yard: Born in the USA. Riding the bus to school: Fascination Street. Walking through north Tacoma: … Continue reading “2 projects, 2 elections, 2 soundtracks”